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Python on AWS – August 2024.

Course Curriculum

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Introduction to Python

Python Operators

Python Variables

Python Strings

Python Control Flows

Mid-term Exam

Python List

Python Dictionaries

Python Loops

Python Functions

Python Files I/O

Python Modules

Python Exceptions

Python Docstrings

Python Modules

Develop on AWS

Introduction to Boto3

Python Logging

EC2 Report Generator Code Fun

Serverless Computing

Final Project

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Start Date: 2024-08-27

Duration: 2 months

Day: Tue-Thu 8PM-10PM EST

Location: Online

About Course

Python is the featured language, it is easy to use, object oriented, which enables the developers to make simplified and functional code for any scale projects. Because of its code readability python gained a lot of popularity in the machine learning and data science domain. In this course, you'll learn how to use Boto3 (Python Framework), allows you to automate AWS cloud operations. Boto3 is an Amazon Web Service SDK (Software Development Kit) enables you to create, configure and manage AWS services. It is easy to use, object oriented based API and access AWS services. This course is totally practical and industry oriented, as you'll learn and develop secure, reliable, and scalable Python applications with the help of Boto3 on the AWS cloud.
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